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Product Information

Taking your vitamins just got easier. We make it simple with personalized vitamin packs delivered to your door every month. Build your own pack or take our questionnaire and let our recommendation engine create a pack that's tailored to your unique body's needs. Just tear and go! VTMN takes the hassle out of taking vitamins!⁠

Key Points

  • Taking your vitamins regularly ensures you get the maximum benefit, and we make staying on top of your regimen easy with convenient daily packs ⁠
  • Managing your supplements is time consuming and we eliminate the hassle and ensure your packs arrive at your door every month so you can get back to living your best life
  • Picking the right supplement can be confusing so we focus on carrying only the highest quality products with the right amount of what you need, and none of the stuff you don't

How to Use

  • With every order, you receive a personalized, 30 day supply of vitamins and supplements either in one box of alternating morning and evening packs, or choose to split your packs and get one box for the morning and one for the evening
  • You’ll find your unique packs pre-loaded in one of our stylish dispenser boxes. The side pocket on each box is designed to store your personalized dosing card which outlines the quantity, name and strength of each supplement, along with an image of the pill and information about the manufacturer, NPN and administration time
  • Its a good idea to take your dosing card with you when you travel and when you visit your health care practitioners so they are in the know about what you are taking